critical care hospitals

A New Direction in Healthcare

Welcome to Landmark Hospitals, where we are leading healthcare in a new direction. Through our growing system of critical care hospitals  we provide solutions for patients who face a hospital discharge, yet still require acute medical care. Our patients may simply need additional time to recover from an illness or injury, or they may present medically complex cases that require a multi-disciplinary approach to extended acute healthcare. Our patients require a higher level of care for a longer period than the average hospital offers; but they are not yet ready to transfer to a sub-acute care facility, such as a skilled nursing facility, or to be discharged. During this critical time, we bring exciting new technologies and experienced management to bear on our primary task – providing our patients with the best medical care available as they continue on their journey toward healing.

A New Direction in Healthcare Technology

Landmark Hospitals is at the forefront of medical technology design and implementation. As a privately held corporation, we are able to act rapidly to adopt the newest techniques, employ the newest systems, and engage the newest equipment.

One example is our exclusive use of ChartPad® EHR, a voice-activated subscription-based electronic health record system designed for critical care hospitals, developed by clinicians, for clinicians. By leveraging this technology, Landmark Hospitals provides a continuum of care that can reduce readmissions and improve outcomes. ChartPad offers nine distinctive advantages to the hospital and professionals using this innovative cloud-based software. But our patients benefit the most! ChartPad allows our physicians and nurses to spend more time with our patients, and less time with the computer. Valuable time that was once spent typing in documentation and record keeping is now focused on patient care. ChartPad customizes each patient’s routine and triggered tasks. Real-time patient data is available at the clinician’s fingertips, no sorting through pages of paperwork. The result is a more accurate, more thorough, more timely electronic health record for each patient and, most importantly, more face-to-face time with each one.

Another example is the employment in our Columbia and Southwest Florida facilities of Synexis™ Biodefense Systems’ patented dry hydrogen peroxide (DHP) whole-building continuous environmental disinfection system. This certified ozone-free technology uses a building’s ambient humidity and oxygen to continuously achieve safe, green, natural reduction of viruses, bacteria, and mold in the air and on surfaces. Think of it as an immune system for our hospital that protects our patients. Synexis Systems are highly effective against mold spores and many types of microbes including: MRSA, C. Diff, Staph, E. Coli, Norovirus and Influenza.

A New Direction in Healthcare Management

Each of our critical care hospitals contracts with Landmark Management Services, LLC for operational and financial support services. Landmark Management Services, LLC provides the necessary logistical support in the design and construction of specialty units, as well as competitive bidding for capital expenditures at the facilities.

All members of the Landmark Management Services’ executive team have extensive experience in critical care hospital management and strategy, accounting, purchasing, property management, staffing and medicine. Management support staff is experienced in financial, operational and clinical management, and several are licensed Administrators and CPAs.

A team comprised of a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Clinical Officer or Chief Nursing Officer, and Medical Director leads each Landmark Hospital.