Joplin, MO

Landmark Hospital of Joplin

Our 30-bed Critical Care Hospital Joplin, MO is located in a quiet, wooded environment in the heart of the medical district.

The hospital operates as a joint venture between Landmark Holdings of Missouri, LLC, and the two short-term acute care hospitals in Joplin, Freeman Health System and Mercy Hospital.

2040 West 32nd St.
Joplin, MO 64804

Phone – 417-627-1300
Fax – 417-627-1351

“Above and beyond…”

Landmark Hospital of Joplin“I would highly recommend Landmark Hospital of Joplin to anyone! Everyone there went above and beyond to help, they were very patient and kind to me and my family. The staff is tenacious in their goal to make you want to get well! A few special impressions…Sara in Speech Therapy – she taught me how to read my Bible again. Hannah knew I liked to chew on ice and she made sure I always had enough of it. Bobbie always made sure I walked. Sam made sure I did my exercises. Chris treated me so well. Tara treated me well too – she gave me my shots and I didn’t even feel them! Haley gave me Coke and ice cream because she knew I liked that. Kristi set my wife up to spend the night next to my bed when I was scared to be alone. Cheryl in occupational therapy was a very good teacher. So many others…Tracy, Teresa, CJ, Stephanie (RT), Scott, Brian (RT), Bill, Sam…everyone was great the entire time.

“The leadership at Landmark of Joplin is top-notch and it trickles down. They have a great staff and are doing a wonderful job.”

-Michael O’Donnell